T-Bull S.A. Signs Publishing Agreement with International Video Game Publisher for "Wildlife Photographer" Game

The Management Board of T-Bull S.A., also referred to as “Company” or “Issuer,” has announced that it recently signed a publishing agreement with a well-known international video game publisher for the game “Wildlife Photographer,” previously known as “Birding Simulator.” As per the terms of the agreement, the publisher will be the sole global publisher of the game, which will be available for PCs with Microsoft Windows. Additionally, the title of the game may change.

Originally, “Wildlife Photographer” was envisioned as a simulator that would allow players to assume the role of an ornithologist, traverse a virtual forest, and capture stunning photos of South American bird species using simulated camera settings. Thanks to this new partnership, however, players can expect the game to be significantly expanded to include a wide range of animals.

The announcement of the publishing agreement signals a significant step forward for T-Bull S.A. and its game development efforts. By working with a reputable global publisher, the company can expand its audience reach and leverage the extensive distribution networks available to the publisher.

As the game is still in development, there is no word yet on its launch date or any additional details about the expanded gameplay. Nonetheless, fans of simulation games and wildlife enthusiasts alike are sure to be eagerly anticipating the release of “Wildlife Photographer.”



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