‘Merge of Spells’ - mobile game based on merging magic spells and turn-based arena battles.

T-Bull, a mobile game developer and publisher, releases today its latest production, Merge of Spells, directed at Android devices. The game makes its debut in Early Access and will be developed until the full release.

Each spell has unique abilities. Merge them to get the most substantial level. Customize the appropriate spells for your character, keeping in mind the limited number of slots. Use the Combine mechanics to create distinctive and unique power-ups!

Side by side, along with your hero, you will face an army of magical creatures. Each of the opponents is distinguished by appearance and skills. At the end of the stages, powerful bosses await you! Each of them will be a unique challenge. The entire course of the fight is up to you!

Game Features:

  • Merge spells to higher levels 
  • Combine spells to unlock unique abilities 
  • Choose and level up your hero to fight in the arena 
  • Complete 100+ stages in Adventure Mode 
  • Defeat dangerous Bosses in Dungeons 
  • Earn several currencies to unlock new stuff 
  • Receive idle rewards even when you sleep

Start the journey full of various dangers and enemies. Defeat everyone who stands in your way and become a world legend!



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