New RPG game - "Dice & Spells" makes its debut in Early Access on Android

T-Bull announces today that their first strategy RPG game is making its world premiere on mobile devices. Dice & Spells makes its debut in Early Access on Android.

The world of Dice & Spells is obscured by darkness. Everyone is in danger as the Undead wake up and start bloodthirsty fights. Sir Ralph gathers the last strength to build a group of allies to overcome evil together. The heroes on the journey will be helped by magical dice that contain great power.

Dice & Spells has 2D graphics in a dark fantasy setting. The player will deal with opponents in different battle arenas using magic dice. Progress is possible thanks to the developed system of improvements to the dice mentioned above and playable characters. The addictive universe, battles with various enemies and bosses, and dark visuals make the game definitely worth attention.

Game Features:

● A world full of dangers and dark secrets

● 50+ stages

● Many playable heroes

● Dungeon Boss fights

● Dark fantasy graphics

Dice & Spells is a production that will be systematically developed until its full premiere!



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