Return to the roots. A new racing game available in Early Access - "Drive Stars: Sports Car Racing"

Let us introduce the latest title in our racing portfolio – “Drive Stars: Sports Car Racing”. The game will take you to a professional race track where you can climb the career ladder in exciting stock car racing.

“Drive Stars”  lets players enjoy pure sports fun and emotions. Besides of variety of cars available, campaigns, or multiple racing modes such as Hunter, Endurance, or Time Limit, the game offers a very player-oriented feature – customizable control methods. The player can choose one of seven ways to drive his car. These are combinations of tilt, gas pedal, brake, and arrow keys. Additionally, there is a possibility to select the level of driving assistance or turn it off completely.

Key features of “Drive Stars: Sports Car Racing”:
• Immersive atmosphere of a real racetrack
• Seven unique control methods
• Possibility of drive assistance
• Collecting and upgrading cars
• Multiple racing modes
• Career path – Campaign or Car Challenge

“Drive Stars: Sports Car Racing” is now available in Early Access. For more details and further information about the official release visit the Google Play page.

Google Play store link



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