T-Bull S.A. Announces the Early Access Release of "Path of Puzzles" on Google Play

T-Bull S.A., one of Poland’s most innovative mobile game developers, is delighted to announce their latest game’s official Early Access launch – “Path of Puzzles,” available on Google Play. The game, set in the immersive universe of Dice & Spells, showcases a unique blend of match-three based mechanics and turn-based RPG, offering a fresh approach to the mobile gaming experience.

“Path of Puzzles” is the second title featuring the adventures of Sir Ralf, a Caldvarian warrior known from the popular Dice & Spells mobile game. Players are tasked with freeing him from the dark underworld, facing mythical monsters, and matching magical puzzles in thrilling turn-based battles.

Immersive graphics inspired by comic book dark fantasy style take players deep into the dark and mythical world of “Path of Puzzles”. With 45 levels of exciting gameplay, players will unlock various weapons, upgrade them, and discover powerful special abilities, making each level a unique gaming experience.





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