Dice & Spells

Looking for a thrilling mobile RPG game that combines dice-based gameplay with epic fantasy adventure? Look no further than Dice & Spells, now available on Google Play.

Build and upgrade available heroes, and lead them into battle against powerful enemies in a unique blend of dice-based combat and RPG elements. With endless value and strategic depth, this game will keep you engaged for hours on end.

Collect and upgrade various dice, each with unique abilities and effects, and choose from a variety of different heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. As you progress through the game, explore a vast fantasy world filled with challenging enemies and epic loot.

With stunning 2D graphics, intuitive gameplay, and endless fights, Dice & Spells is perfect for strategy RPGs and dice-based combat fans. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the genre, you’ll find endless opportunities for adventure and excitement in this game.

Experience the freedom to explore dangerous dungeons, complete quests, and engage in single and royal battles against legendary foes. With tactical gameplay and a variety of chests and cards to discover, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to compete and level up your hero.

But beware – the undead, necromancy, demonic, soulless, and supernatural enemies you’ll encounter are not to be underestimated. Only the bravest and most skilled heroes will be able to survive and emerge victorious.

Are you ready to roll the dice and cast spells in an epic darkest fantasy adventure?


🛡️ Heroic battles with various undead opponents

✨ Magic dice that differ in use and skills, and spells

⚔️ Many playable heroes

💥 Power-Ups that diversify the magic gameplay

🎲 Upgrade the power of magic dice

🗡️ Expand the potential of your hero and spells

🕸️ A world full of dangers and dark secrets

🧭 100+ unique stages

🐉 Dynamic dungeon Boss fights

🏆 Rewards for each battle won

The time has come. Fight with others for the freedom of the whole world!


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