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Month Summary (August 2023)

What's new in August? Check out the fresh news from us and see what we've been up to in the last month.

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“Auto Battle Wars: Spin Tactics” is a combination of engaging tactic mechanics with a fun and relaxing setting. Player’s task is to fight enemy teams, collect units, and upgrade them. Over time, the level of difficulty increases and new worlds are revealed to the player to explore. During combat, players have to show their strategy and management skills.

“Food Words” is a combination of a classic word puzzle game with a marvelous cooking journey around the world. With charming 2D graphics and soothing sounds in the background, the player's task is to progress through the various countries and discover unique recipes for new meals.

To keep you informed about our games and company, we would like to introduce to you a new series - Month Summary. Every month you can expect from us a few drops of fresh news.

T-Bull S.A., one of Poland's most innovative mobile game developers, is delighted to announce their latest game's official Early Access launch - "Path of Puzzles," available on Google Play. The game, set in the immersive universe of Dice & Spells, showcases a unique blend of match-three based mechanics and turn-based RPG, offering a fresh approach to the mobile gaming experience.


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