Early Access of InfiniteCorp is available on Steam!

WROCLAW, Poland, 2nd April 2020.

On April 2, 2020, we presented our new product on the Steam platform, which debuted on mobile devices in March – InfiniteCorp. The computer version of the game will be available for purchase as early as May this year, while you can now watch it and add it to your wishlist.

InfiniteCorp is a decision-based strategy card game, which takes place in 2190 in cyberpunk reality, where the world is controlled by huge corporations. The player takes on the role of a MegaTower employee and his task is to make decisions often contrary to morality on which the fate of the inhabitants depends. The goal of the game is to balance the five sectors.

The game premiered on mobile devices in March. It hit stores such as Google Play, AppStore, AppGallery, and Amazon. Now the mobile world will also be available on the computer!

Early Access of InfiniteCorp on Steam:

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