"Food Words: Cooking Cat Puzzle" - a new title in the Google Play store now available in Early Access

We are delighted to announce the official Early Access Release on Google Play of our latest game – “Food Words: Cooking Cat Puzzle”.

The game is a bold and interesting approach to a completely new genre of mobile games for our company. “Food Words” is a combination of a classic word puzzle game with a marvelous cooking journey around the world. With charming 2D graphics and soothing sounds in the background, the player’s task is to progress through the various countries and discover unique recipes for new meals.

We are assured that our new title is not just a simple word game. During the trip through the countries, by winning the next levels, players gain stars to unlock further stages with new, more demanding recipe puzzles. Each level is a timed challenge, and incorrect answers shorten it by a certain amount. It’s a perfect opportunity to test the brain, improve cognitive skills and memory. Additionally, players can expand their culinary knowledge and get inspired to cook new dishes.

“Food Words: Cooking Cat Puzzle ” is now available in Early Access. For more details and further information about the official launch visit the Google Play page.




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