Empires & Kingdoms: Conquest!

Will you turn this land into an empire and conquer other kingdoms? Everything depends on you and your numerous army.

Empires & Kingdoms is a strategy MMORPG set in a fictional fantasy universe. By choosing between five sides of a global racial conflict, you will become the ruler of a new city. Will you turn it into an empire and conquer other kingdoms? Everything depends on you and your numerous army.

Your Empire 🏰

Mobilize your troops, start researching, gather resources, and construct the most important buildings. Each one will give you a new opportunity to develop your kingdom, and expanding them will provide you with more combat and economic options. Take care of the condition of your defensive walls and the size of your army to avoid enemy invasions from other players.

The threat from beyond the fog ☠️

On the world map, whether it is a mine, forest, village, or other kingdoms, you will also come across monster camps that threaten the entire land. Hunts must be planned and researched correctly beforehand. Some challenges will require you to make special upgrades or cooperate with others. Then you will be able to build a great army that will allow you to win a war. Rise and clash with other clans!

Epic battles of the kingdoms ⚔️

Send your army to conquer other kingdoms. After carefully scanning your potential target, prepare the appropriate formations with your hero and head into battle for resources and ranking points. Remember to play it strategically and not to attack the big shots alone.

Are you looking for allies? 🤝

Invite your friends to play together, share knowledge and troops, plan tactical solutions, and attack the enemy. Clans are powerful, so the game features guilds that offer many exciting features. Take part in group raids on monsters and other kingdoms. Together with your friends, build an empire and rule the world!

Join the world of Empires & Kingdoms today and start ruling the whole land with your allies! 🔥

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