Announcement of cooperation with Ekipa S.A.

On December 17, 2020, a letter of intent was signed in cooperation with Ekipa S.A. that is a company run by a Polish YouTuber – Friz.

Friz enters the market of mobile games hand in hand with T-Bull S.A.

In the letter of intent, we and Ekipa S.A. have expressed our intention to cooperate in the production, release, and promotion of games on various distribution platforms. The framework cooperation agreement is to be signed by the end of January 2021.

By a letter of intent with Friz and his team, we are opening new opportunities for mobile games created by T-Bull S.A. We are glad that we will be able to create games for one of the most popular Polish YouTubers. This collaboration should contribute to further increasing the community of players interested in our projects. Friz and the rest of the crew have impressive viewerships on social media.

– says Damian Fijałkowski, Co-founder and President of the Management Board of T-Bull S.A.

Karol Friz Wiśniewski has had an account on Youtube since 2010 and currently has over 4 million subscribers. He is the founder and one of the members of the EKIPA group of several people. Only in 2020 alone, all videos on the EKIPA channels generated almost 1.5 billion views on YouTube, the total number of subscribers on all EKIPA channels and its members on YouTube is over 14 million, and the total number of followers on all EKIPA members profiles on the website Instagram is also over 14 million.

I’ve been winking at the gaming industry for some time, and now I can finally discover the cards and confirm that EKIPA is entering the game development and publishing market. Choosing T-Bull S.A. as a partner for creating mobile games is not accidental. I know how long it takes to build scale in social channels, and T-Bull shows very good potential in achieving reach in mobile games. Additionally, the company has high competencies in the production and publishing of games for mobile devices.

– says Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski, founder and member of the Ekipa

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