Framework Agreement with the Investor! *signed*

As announced at the beginning of October this year, an agreement was signed with the investor for the production of five simulators. The first announcements of games should appear on Steam later this year, and more at the beginning of next year.

Under the agreement, the investor undertook to co-finance the games in return for a share in the income generated by individual projects. An executive contract will be signed for each project: specifying the budget, schedule, and description of the activity.

Signing the contract with the investor is the final confirmation of the intentions preciously expressed in the letter of intent. We want to devalue the sources of the company’s revenues and fully use the potential of the gaming community. Especially that various devices – mobile, PC, consoles – offer different possibilities of commercializing projects. We will present details soon in the form of an update of our development strategy for the coming years. Continuing to develop on the mobile games market, we want to expand the group of our fans with PC and console players, and our portfolio with games that will fully show our graphic and programming capabilities. We intend to implement our first projects in the simulator genre that is popular today, more widely than before. However, we want to enrich it with elements from other game categories.

comments Damian Fijałkowski, CO-FOUNDER and CTO of T-Bull

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