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What's new?

Thanks to the acquisition of a new business partner, we will be able to start the production of five new games (simulators) for PC and consoles.

Today we can officially announce the entry into cooperation with such brands as Husqvarna Motorcycles GMBH and KTM Sportmotorcycle GMBH.

On April 2, 2020, we presented our new product on the Steam platform, which debuted on mobile devices in March – InfiniteCorp. The computer version of the game will be available for purchase as early as May this year, while you can now watch it and add it to your wishlist.

This world is in your hands! March 16 will forever go down in our history. That day, the portal opened until 2190. Those who came back saying that our world is no longer the same a hundred years later as it is today. They also say those good people are needed to give hope to MegaTower residents. And a good man can only be found here and now. Are you the right person?

Lead the huge corporation struggling with the widespread problems of the cyberpunk world. Deal with the distribution and logistics of products in the “mega-tower”, a place where the local people have never seen a living, natural plants or animals. This dangerous area, saturated with genetic modifications and cyber implants, is in your hands.

A racing game from the Wroclaw studio, which has been downloaded several dozen million times on mobile devices, will soon debut on the Nintendo Switch. This is the first step of T-Bull S.A. on the way to the largest gaming platforms.


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